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40 Capsules
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Alpha Performance Enhancer. Testosterone Performance Optimizer with TestoSurge & GlycoCarn. Boost Testosterone. Increase Nitric Oxide (NO). Enhance Libido, Burn Fat. It's time to go ape. Your current so called "test booster" is doing nothing to actually boost Athletic Performance, increase Nitric-Oxide (NO) & will not help you get your Lean & Ripped. So what's the point in even taking it? It's time to go APE! More than a simple Testosterone Booster: Clinically backed TestoSurge to dramatically increase Free Testosterone in both the short term and the long term. Huge increase in Fat loss, for greater muscle definition and hardness. Clinically-backed, patented GlycoCarn to boost NO and Athletic Performance. Premium Long Jack Extract. With TestoSurge & GlycoCarn: 22% Greater Increase in Free Testosterone in only 12 Hours. Increase Bio-Available Testosterone 1.8 Times After 8 Weeks. Libido Enhancement. Over 2 times Greater Fat Loss After Just 8 Weeks. Increase Nitric Oxide, Blood Flow & Performance with Patented GlycoCarn. Inhibit Estrogen (Anti-Aromatase). Full Month Cycle.
As a dietary supplement, take one serving (two capsules) in the morning for five days out of the week. Optional Nutrient Timing Tip: On workout days take one serving, 60-90 minutes pre-workout. Do not take exceed more than two servings per day. For best results, use for a minimum of eight consecutive weeks. Use for no longer than twelve continuous weeks. Allow a four week layoff before resuming use.
Gelatin, rice flour, silica, magnesium Stearate and titanium dioxide.
Do not use this product if printed inner seal under cap is missing or broken. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a dry place at room temperature (59-86 F).

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