Ast Sports Science AR-5

Lemonade 35 Servings - 525 grams
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Ultra-concentrated amino acid muscle energy formula. Energy for ultra-intense workouts. Recovery raid muscle recovery. Endurance train harder-train longer. 7 grams micronized BCAA. Strength fuel rapid strength increases. Hydration electrolytes for optimum hydration. Power develop explosive power. 3 grams micronized glutamine. AR-5 is a new great tasting, powerful, ultra-concentrated amino acid formula designed to fuel and energize working muscles, enhance muscle power and endurance, maximize muscle and whole body hydration, promote rapid muscle recovery, and ignite greater protein synthesis. AR-5 is a dynamic, bioactive formula that quickly floods your muscles with key performance nutrients to promote energy, lean muscle-growth, strength, endurance and recuperation.
Mix one (1) scoop in 12 to 20 ounces of cold water. Drink a serving before, during and immediately after your workout. AR-5 is also great early morning to prime your body with critical muscle-building and energizing aminos and key electrolytes to duel each day.
Citric acid, natural flavors, crystalline fructose, lecithin, tartaric acid, sucralose and beta-carotene (as colorant).
Contains: Soy.

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